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      No, we don’t. Our customers send inventory that is unsellable or heavily discounted and has little or no value. Think damaged goods, traded players, overruns, dated apparel, logo changes, and better-luck-next-time playoff series.

      No. You pay the shipping on your dead-stock/surplus sent to Refried.

      We use all types of garments and soft goods including jerseys, tee shirts, active-wear, fleece, jackets, sweatshirts, pants and even knits.

      Yes. We cut the damaged or soiled areas out and use only the material from the good sections.

      Yes. We cut out the name and discard that section. We may use the player’s number, however we “slice & dice” so that the number is no longer identifiable.

      No, our customers just send their dead-stock/surplus inventory to our New Bedford, MA factory and we follow up with a call or email to suggest styles based on current trends as well as your preferences.

      Yes. We always avoid, remove or sew a patch over third-party brand graphics.

      We do not provide mockups / proofs as each piece is unique with no two items alike. Our innovative design and upcycling methods produce a one-of-a-kind appeal that makes each garment different. Consider the following:
      • The dead-stock items that you send to us have already been approved by licensing
      • When incorporating our own rescued material we follow brand color guidelines
      • It’s the one-of-a-kind appeal that drives the success of our brand

      Yes. We incorporate some of our own surplus material in the process – always aligning our materials with your brand colors.

      We create upcycled apparel for many organizations, retailers and manufactures. In doing so, we create our own surplus in the process. We also source soft goods that are destined for the incinerator or landfill and put them to good use. In all cases, sourced goods are inspected & sorted to prepare for the Refried transformation and to ensure a quality finished garment.

      Yes, we love to mix different material types. The use of mixed materials adds to the overall visual appeal and comfort of the garment, and creates a unique and refreshing look.

      MOQ: 48 units per Apparel Style / 24 units per Bag/Accessory

      The ratio is approximately 1:1. We can make one new Refried item from one of your surplus garments. It’s important that each new Refried item includes portions of your logo, wordmark or graphics.

      Note: To increase the yield of surplus to new product, (for a nominal upcharge fee), we can print your logo on our surplus material to create a branded, sewn-on patch. (The upcharge depends on the size of the branded logo patch.) 

      Yes. We can create multiple pieces of any style or item to look the same as long as your dead-stock/surplus goods include multiple soft good items that have the same colors and graphics. E.g. If you send 100 tee shirts (of the same color with the same graphics), we can create approximately 100 of any single style or accessory.

      Note: See Question 15 for selling one-of-a-kind items on e-commerce.

      Yes. In fact, customers prefer Refried products that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Contact Mark at to learn how you can successfully merchandise one-of-a-kind Refried items on your e-commerce website.

      Yes, all styles are available in standard sizes and they run true-to-size. Plus sizes are available for an upcharge.

      Orders typically ship 4-6 weeks from receipt of your dead-stock/surplus inventory and PO. During periods of high demand, turn times may be extended. With this in mind, we encourage customers to book orders well in advance.

      Yes. Customers are welcome to send large volumes (pallets) of dead-stock/surplus goods and we’ll store at no charge*. This can help to free up your valuable warehouse space and it allows us to process your orders efficiently going forward. Sending large volumes also saves on shipping multiple times.

      *We will store your surplus at no cost as long as you place an order four times throughout the year (from the date of the receipt of your goods). If orders are not placed throughout the year, Refried Apparel reserves the right to use your surplus goods at its discretion.

      Yes. In fact, we insist on it. We encourage best-practices and supply merchandising signs and display materials that help communicate the upcycled story and unique product offering. And, we encourage the use of mannequins if retail space allows.

      Ship-to: Refried Apparel, 686 Belleville Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745

      Yes. As an upcycling resource, we have access to an unlimited supply of surplus goods through established relationships with manufacturers and licensees alike.

      For more information contact Mark at 508-889-7929 /