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    Dead-stock Inventory. 
    Leave it to us.
    All of it.

    Turn Your Dead Inventory into Revenue

    There’s a reason the NFL and MLB chose Refried Apparel as an upcycling partner. Refried represents a uniquely beautiful solution to the ugly reality of dead and surplus inventory. In short, we eliminate it. With proprietary design and upcycling methods, Refried transforms printed and non-printed soft goods into sought-after apparel that’s as desirable as it is sustainable. A better alternative to waste.

    By upcycling dead inventory back into the marketplace, we turn unsellable goods into untapped sources of revenue. Handcrafted in the USA, Refried Apparel has created a refreshing new fashion category that’s turning heads and making money for leagues, retailers, colleges, and corporations.

    We transform dead inventory caused by:

    •  Dated apparel
    •  Excess / overstock
    •  Traded players
    •  Logo / uniform changes

    •  Chasing hot market trends
    •  Lost playoffs / championships
    •  Damage / soiled goods

    •  Broken size runs / one-offs
    •  Failed graphic designs
    •  Customer returns

    And of course, the biggest culprit… fast fashion. No matter your industry sector, we have a program to help you turn your dead inventory into revenue.

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