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      • Changing the way companies deal with dead-stock/surplus inventory
      • Building sustainable strategies for retailers, brands and organizations
      • Solving end-of-life inventory challenges creatively and responsibly 

      SUSTAINABILITY: Relevant & On Trend

      Sustainability is mainstream and transparency is expected. With growing industry pressure and developing regulatory measures, apparel companies and businesses must find ways to reduce landfill waste and lower their carbon footprint. Additionally, research shows that today’s consumers support brands that are environmentally and socially responsible. Refried helps companies build profitable, sustainable strategies by integrating upcycling and circular practices.

      UPCYCLING DEFINED: No Green-Washing Here

      Upcycling is the process of converting useless products or materials into new products for better environmental value. Unlike recycling or reclaiming methods, upcycling uses virtually zero energy with no environmental impact, no potential misuse of labor in offshore factories, zero water usage, no harmful dying methods, and no emissions from maritime shipping. And, made in the USA circumvents any and all offshore supply chain issues.

      BUILDING SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMS: Turning Dead-stock Into Revenue

      Refried partners with, retailers, brands, and organizations to cycle surplus goods back into the marketplace by transforming dead-stock inventory into apparel and accessories that are unique and sought-after by today’s eco-minded consumers. Part green initiative, part growth strategy, Refried’s model is a sustainable and profitable retail strategy that’s changing the way companies view and deal with dead-stock inventory. Refried is at work in licensed & non-licensed goods.

      ADVANTAGE: Design

      Unlike traditional design and manufacturing methods, our design process is fueled by the wide assortment of materials we rescue and a creative process that’s without boundaries. And, what we design today can be produced tomorrow. Our products are sold in brick & mortar and e-comm platforms as capsule collections or “limited creations” that change based on the assortment of surplus goods. This approach keeps design fresh and exciting, creates demand, and keeps consumers locked in.

      OUR MODEL AT WORK ACROSS ALL SECTORS: Licensed and Non-licensed Goods

      Refried Apparel’s upcycle model is at work in licensed and non-licensed sectors, including pro sports, collegiate, resort, corporate and general branded sportswear.

      PARTNERS IN SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable Collections for e-Comm & In-store

      In partnership with Champion, and in a shared commitment to reducing landfill waste, we worked closely together to give new life into unsalable/excess clothing that’s invariably ripe for creative design and upcycle potential. Thanks to the leadership at Champion for their vision, passion, and opportunity to co-create refreshing styles and one-of-a-kind pieces for in-store programs, and limited capsule collections for a unique online offering. And in celebration of Earth Day, it was only befitting to launch these sustainable offerings leading up to this international holiday, demonstrating our support tougher for environmental protection. We are thrilled to bring this project to life with potential evergreen impact and renewal pipeline.


      Upcycling and transforming vintage t-shirts to one-of-a-kind tote bags for the Museum of Pop Culture.

      ADDRESSING REBRANDING INITIATIVES: Responsibly and Creatively

      The Washington Redskins decision to act to advance social justice generated a significant amount of obsolete inventory overnight. The inventory, destined for landfills or incinerators, posed a harmful threat to the environment. In partnership with the NFL, Refried put its upcycle model to work to transform the obsolete goods into newly rebranded apparel and accessories. With these genuine upcycled articles, fans can purchase unique products that mark a historic event – and benefit the environment.

      CORPORATE PROMO APPAREL: Monetizing Misfits

      Promotional apparel is big business - and that’s a good thing. However, along with the upside, there’s a downside – one that impacts every promotional apparel company – and the planet. From logo misprints to wrong-spec’d products, a significant amount of branded product becomes obsolete with every mishap. Misfits are an inherent part of the promo business and there’s no avoiding it. Unfortunately, the obsolete goods are most often discarded as waste. At Refried, we see perfectly good material – a high percentage of fabric that can be put to good use, creating new products and generating newfound revenue.

      TRANSFORMING THE NOT-SO-OBVIOUS: Creating Unique Upcycled Collections

      • Upcycling outdoor and indoor stadium banners

      • Upcycling the Green Monster, a piece of Fenway, America’s oldest ballpark.

      TELLING THE STORY: Building Successful Programs

      Refried is committed to working with our partners to ensure success. From merchandising best practices, to e-comm and social media strategies, to PR and brand ambassador programs, Refried provides ongoing support beyond the sale to build successful programs.


      • Turn dead-stock/surplus inventory into revenue
      • Cycle surplus soft goods back into the marketplace
      • A better alternative to closeout, donation or waste
      • A sustainable and profitable business / growth strategy
      • Add a refreshing and unique eco-friendly offering to your retail strategy

      ABOUT OUR BRAND: Strikingly Different. Insanely Sustainable.

      Refried represents a beautiful solution to the ugly reality of surplus inventory. With our innovative upcycling methods, we transform unsold clothing into stylish apparel that’s as unique as it is desirable – and we do it right here in the USA.

      We turn fashion waste into fashion forward, nimbly sidestepping landfills and reducing harmful carbon emissions from incinerators - a key factor in climate change. And with every Refried product we create, we’re conserving natural resources by eliminating the environmental impact of typical manufacturing processes – not to mention reducing the amount of new product entering the marketplace.

      Our design approach is refreshing, exciting and without boundaries. Unlike other brands, our process is fueled by the wide assortment of materials that we rescue and a creative process that’s unstoppable. All Refried products are handcrafted producing a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal.

      At Refried, we’re dedicated to building a lifestyle brand that's beyond compare by extending the life of usable material in innovative and responsible ways.