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      Twice-Baked™ Upcycled Program: The Process

      1. Send us your dead/surplus inventory

      Think damaged goods, dated apparel, broken size runs, one-offs, clearance items, overstock, etc. Send all types of soft goods including fleece, tee shirts, jerseys, pants, active-wear, jackets, knits, etc.

      2. Select styles/sizes, accessories and quantities

      We’ll work with you to select styles and accessories and create an assortment per your preferences and customer demographics.

      3. We transform your surplus goods into unique handcrafted creations

      All products are handcrafted and uniquely individual. Allow 4-6 weeks from receipt of your surplus material to ship date.

      4. Go ‘green’ and profit from Refried sustainable apparel

      To ensure successful programs, we support our Retailers with signage and merchandising materials that effectively convey the upcycled “story” and unique product offering. For qualified orders, we supply lifestyle images for social and web.

      For more info, contact your Refried Sales Representative or Mark at