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      When Cooper Kupp changed his number from 18 to 10, the first thing that came to mind was his fans – and the #18 jerseys that they spent good money on. With a huge appreciation for his fans, a talent for fashion design, and a passion for the environment, Cooper and his wife, Anna came up with a unique idea... let’s partner with Refried Apparel to transform and redesign my old jerseys into something new and special for our fans.

      Needless to say, Refried Apparel was proud to partner with Cooper and Anna in this most unusual program, applying our unique model to help them, their fans, and the environment – in the spirt of a partnership and our commitment to sustainability.

      "My wife, Anna, and I are grateful to Refried Apparel for partnering with us to offer something back to the fans who have supported our family and the Rams organization. We had a great time working on the designs and hope that you like them!”

      Custom Creations

      The custom creations below were made exclusively for the Kupp Jersey Swap Program.

      Women's Crop Sweatshirt (front)

      Women's Crop Sweatshirt (back)

      Duffle Bag (side 1)

      Duffle Bag (side 2)

      Unisex Crew Sweatshirt (front)

      Unisex Crew Sweatshirt (back)

      Hey NFL Fans, thanks for participating!

      If you missed the “Kupp Jersey Swap”, stay tuned. More good stuff coming your way. In the meantime, take 15% off your next Refried order when you sign up to our mailing list!