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      Girl Scouts Embrace Sustainability
      Giving New Life to Unused Inventory

      When the Girl Scouts of the USA decided to launch more sustainable uniforms, they called on Refried Apparel to develop an upcycle program in conjunction with their impressive new apparel initiative. Needless to say, we were proud to partner with the Girls Scouts organization to build a program that transforms their unused, surplus inventory into unique contemporary accessories.

      From an assortment of inventory, including sashes, vests, skorts and other items, we created limited edition design capsules that are as unique as they are sustainable. The newly transformed items include adult and youth aprons, pillows, totes and crossbody bags ­– each item handcrafted with no two items exactly alike.

      The Refried GSA accessories are available for purchase through the Girl Scout Shop and select Girl Scout council stores. This new initiative is GSUSA's first stride toward becoming a brand that offers sustainable features and upcycled products and we are very proud to be part of GSUSA’s initiative.

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