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      Frequently Asked Questions About Refrying your Jersey or Tee Shirt

      We cut out some of the best parts of your jersey or tee shirt(s) – those areas that feature graphics and images – and we incorporate them into the new style using some of our own surplus material.

      If the graphic is small we avoid cutting through it. In the case of medium to large graphics, the extent of the cutting through graphic areas is determined by the body style and the finished garment size. The “slice n’ dice” method creates the unique upcycled look and overall appeal.

      You can leave that to us. We have an extensive supply of surplus material in more colors than you can imagine. We will select colors that complement the colors of your personal garment.

      Once again, you can leave that to us. We will use the best parts of your jerseys and tee shirts to feature in your newly transformed style.

      No. We only use blank surplus material so we don’t visually compete with your jersey or tee shirt graphics.

      Refried Apparel creates upcycled apparel for many organizations, retailers and brands. In doing so, we create our own surplus inventory which we cycle back into our innovative process. We also source unsold goods that are destined for the landfill or the incinerator and put them to good use. In all cases, sourced goods are carefully inspected prior to the Refried transformation to ensure a quality finished garment.

      Just one (1) jersey or one (1) tee shirt is all we need to create your new style or tote bag.

      Sorry, no substitutions please. You can only choose the body styles and options that are offered in our selection.

      Yes, all body styles are available in all sizes. All styles run true to size.

      Refried garments wear and care just like your original jersey or tee shirt.

      We will ship your custom creation to the address you provide within 3-4 weeks from the time we receive your jersey or tee shirt.


      Ship your tee shirts to:
      Refried Apparel, 630 Belleville Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745

      Due to the nature of our process, all sales are final. Please send only one garment If you send extra garments, we cannot send them back.