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      Refried x Champion

      When Hanes' Champion Brand launched its Hoodie Swap Campaign it called on Refried Apparel in the spirit of sustainability. While the collection of thousands of “pretender" hoodies traded in for new authentic Champion Hoodies is a great concept and campaign, it needed a sustainable solution to keep the post consumer sweatshirts out of landfills.

      In collaboration with Champion, Refried was happy to take on the task. First step, cleaning the sweatshirts commercially with a certified ozone water system, a 100% all natural process used by hospitals for cleaning and sanitizing laundry.

      Once laundered, we created two alternative paths to avoid landfill waste; 1., Upcycling and transforming the sweatshirts into new, unique products to cycle back into the marketplace, and 2., Donating a percentage of the sweatshirts to homeless service agencies to provide warm clothing during cold New England winter months.

      The newly upcycled items include duffle bags, tote bags, bucket hats, scarfs, and pillows ­– each item handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. These products are now available for purchase here.  Be sure to visit often as we will be adding more unique products as we create them.

      To learn more, or to explore creative collaborations, contact Mark,