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    Creating One-of-a-Kind Fashion from Dead-Stock Inventory

    Upcycle Central: An Innovative Solution to an Industry-wide Problem

    Refried Apparel brings a never-before opportunity to manufacturers and retailers of every stripe. With sustainability at our core, we seek overstock, discontinued and damaged soft goods and transform them into distinct and stylish fashion apparel and accessories. And in doing so, we’ve come to realize many synergies and strategic partnerships. 

    Got Dead Stock?

    Refried turns dead-stock into revenue by helping manufacturers and retailers cycle surplus inventory back into the marketplace. With our creative design processes and innovative upcycling methods, Refried transforms already printed/decorated tee shirts, jerseys, fleece and soft goods (of all types) into stylish fashion garments and accessories – with one-of-a-kind appeal. Designed and handcrafted in America, Refried Apparel is a refreshing new category and sustainable fashion at its best.

    In the spirit of sustainability, we invite you to discover how Refried Apparel’s Upcycle Central can be a valuable resource – a resource that brings opportunities and benefits to… well, everyone.

    To learn more, call or email: 508.889.7929 / mark@refriedapparel.com 

    Refried Apparel is proud to be MLB’s Official Upcycling Resource