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    Upcycling. For the good of it.

    Refried turns dead-stock into revenue by helping manufacturers and retailers cycle surplus inventory back into the marketplace. With our creative design processes and proprietary upcycling methods, Refried transforms already printed/decorated (and non-decorated/printed) apparel and soft goods of all types into stylish fashion garments and accessories with one-of-a-kind appeal. Designed and handcrafted in America, Refried Apparel is a refreshing new category and sustainable fashion at its best.

    The Transformation. (We call it Refrying)

    With a designer’s eye – as an artist uses a color pallet – apparel and soft goods are sliced, diced and stitched into an array of colors and shapes. In the process, each item becomes a unique work of art and a one-of-a-kind garment – each unique and individual.

    Refried's patented styles and product line are distinguished by an innovative block-panel, stitched design producing a dramatically new look in casualwear. Refried styles also include a distinctive over-lock stitch adding a unique and notable stylish touch.

    Quality, Comfort & Fit.

    All Refried products are made from a variety of apparel and soft good materials. Several styles are designed with drawstrings and ties for flexible fit and optimal comfort. And you bet, even the drawstrings and ties on our women's styles are upcycled – created from a slice of surplus material that’s pulled, stretched and threaded for a true-to-size waist fit and a dress-length to your liking.

    "The plight of underpaid workers producing fast fashion in unsafe factories has sparked outrage expressed in documentaries and books."