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      We’ll incorporate your sash and/or beret into a Refried Tote Bag using our own surplus material.

      Yes, we can incorporate both items or just one. However, the cost is the same whether we incorporate one of both items.

      Yes. Your merit badges should be sewn on securely. We cannot be responsible for merit badges that fall off your sash during the transformation process, during shipping, or after you receive your custom tote bag.

      No. Please remove all pins before you send your sash and beret. We cannot upcycle your sash or beret with pins attached and we cannot be responsible for any lost pins. You can reattach your pins once you receive your new custom tote bag.

      Yes. We will cut your sash and beret to incorporate into the new tote bag for a unique look and overall upcycled appeal. We will avoid cutting through any sewn-on merit badges if possible.

      Refried Apparel creates upcycled apparel for many organizations, retailers and brands. In doing so, we create our own surplus inventory which we cycle back into our innovative process. We also source unsold/surplus goods that are destined for the landfill or the incinerator and put them to good use.

      You can leave that to us. We have an extensive supply of surplus material in more colors than you can imagine. We will select complimentary fabric colors and material types to ensure that each tote bag we create is unique and one-of-a-kind.

      No. We only use blank surplus material so it doesn't visually compete with your decorated sash or beret.  

      Just one (1) sash and/or one (1) beret is needed to create your new custom tote bag.

      Sorry, but we only offer one style tote bag at this time.

      Refried tote bags care just like any cotton or cotton-blend garment or accessory. However, we suggest caring for your custom tote bag as you would your decorated sash with sewn-on badges.

      We will ship your custom tote bag to the address you provide within 2-4 weeks from the time we receive your item(s).

      Ship your items to:

      Refried Apparel, 630 Belleville Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745

      Due to the nature of our custom process and the incorporation of your personal items, all custom sales are final. Please send no more than one sash and one beret. If you send more that one of each, we will not incorporate more than one of each item into the tote bag and we cannot send the extra items back.